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Probity Medicolegal headed by Dr Evan Jenkins provides clinically authoritative and impartial medical reports applicable to personal injury cases of all kinds. Our reports are meticulously prepared, comprehensive and fair. They are used and respected by plaintiff and defending lawyers in Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, Public Liability and Medical Negligence Injuries.

We strive to provide a quality service with a fast turnaround time to minimise delays for our clients.

Competent, Concise & Clear:
Why Probity Medicolegal Is The Right Choice

Experience & Expertise

Dr Evan Jenkins has over 30 years of exceptionally broad medical experience, predominantly in primary care including General Practice with over twenty five years of dedicated Worker’s Compensation Injury Management experience; Emergency, etc.

We take have a broad, holistic and ‘generalist’ approach to injured people.

Since 2012 Dr Jenkins has been a Workcover WA Approved Medical Specialist (AMS) and he is a member of the MVIT Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme Dispute Resolution panel.

Impartiality & Integrity

Probity Medicolegal understand that the quality of medical evidence hinges upon deep medical knowledge, experience and understanding, coupled with unbiased and clear-sighted analysis and reporting.

Fast turnaround

Experience our swift and efficient report delivery, with most reports finalised in under a week.

Caring approach

Having cared for people as a Doctor in many areas of the industry in Australia and overseas, including ‘FIFO’ mining and construction, offshore and remote/rural work, Dr Jenkins really understands the needs and concerns of injured workers and all other parties.

We prioritise client comfort and confidentiality in our welcoming consulting rooms.

Our Comprehensive Services

Medical Reports & Opinion:

Probity Medicolegal specialises in delivering meticulous medical reports and opinions tailored for personal injury cases.

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs):

Independent Medical Examinations and reporting are carried out in accordance within relevant legal frameworks and professional Codes of Conduct.

Expert Witness Court Attendance:

Dr Jenkins is a seasoned expert medical witness experienced in providing authoritative and impartial testimony in Court that is consistent with applicable professional Codes of Conduct and standards of evidence.


Medicolegal Consultation:

Dr Jenkins is readily available for formal or informal discussions or email correspondence with clients regarding any aspect of a case.

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Our Process

At Probity Medicolegal, we take pride in our rigorous and efficient process, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality medicolegal services in a timely and professional manner.

Interview & Examination

We carefully take a detailed history of injury, a full medical history and clinically examine the injured person in our Como rooms, at a hospital or other facility as needed. Personal comfort, confidentiality and privacy are primary concerns.

Collate & Review

We collate and review all available documentation and other provided information pertinent to the case.

Report Dictation

A detailed, comprehensive and clearly formatted report is dictated, including responses to any specific questions requested by the client.

Report Editing & Review

The report is then edited and reviewed to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Report Delivery & Invoicing

Once the report is finalised, we deliver it via email, mail or courier as preferred by the client, along with our invoice.

Additional Information
& Follow Up

We respond promptly to requests for further information, clarification or comment.

Trusted Medicolegal Expertise

Probity Medicolegal was founded by Dr Evan Jenkins, a graduate of the University of Western Australia with more than 25 years of unusually broad Australian and overseas primary care clinical experience, particularly as a GP specialising in Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management in WA. Dr Jenkins has extensive experience caring for workers in every conceivable industry, trade or profession. He really understands people and the effect of injury upon families. Dr Jenkins has been a Workcover WA Approved Medical Specialist (AMS) since 2012 and he is currently on the MVIT Catastrophic Injuries Scheme Dispute Resolution panel.

At Probity Medicolegal, we are committed to providing an excellent service for lawyers and their clients.  Our experience and care result in reliable, well-framed and clear reports which are widely respected. We take pride in our fast turnaround times, caring approach and rigorous reports.


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Facility visits & court attendance upon request.

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